Hilary L. von Arx

Portrait of Hilary L. von Arx

Attorney-at-Law | Partner

Hilary L. von Arx was admitted to the Bar in 2012. She is an expert in civil and commercial litigation as well as contract, corporate and civil law and has working experience in Switzerland and the United States.

Before joining Wicki Partners, Hilary L. von Arx was working as Legal Counsel for an international industrial company where she focused on corporate legal matters, national and international contract law, employment law as well as data privacy and antitrust compliance. Prior to her job as Legal Counsel, Hilary L. von Arx worked for a law firm in Zurich where she specialized in procedural, contract, civil and immigration law.

IR Global recommends Hilary L. von Arx as the exclusive advisor for Commercial Litigation in Switzerland.

Hilary L. von Arx writes and negotiates in German and English, and speaks and understands French.

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